HR manager

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Job Description

In search of a compelling HR role in Morocco?

This opening for a Human Resources Manager provides the opportunity to spearhead impactful strategies in a dynamic work environment.


  • Design and execute HR strategies aligning with the company's vision.
  • Act as a bridge between management and employees, addressing queries and resolving issues.
  • Manage efficient recruitment, support current and future business needs, and oversee HR procedures.
  • Maintain performance evaluation systems and ensure legal compliance.


  •  (Bac+5) in HR or related fields
  •  5+ years experience in recruitment, training, and HR functions
  •  Strong communication, organisational proficiency, and adaptability to changing demands
  •  Ability to conduct social negotiations and perform HR-related studies and evaluations
  •  Proficiency in managing HR policies, legal compliance, and administration
  •  Expertise in Microsoft Office suite, HR related software, and proficiency in French and English