Full Stack developer

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Job Description

Do you have a drive for multifaceted software solutions, collaboration, and innovation in Full Stack development?

Embark on an engaging role that encompasses these intricacies within a vibrant and innovative team.


  • Design, code, and manage various applications, working closely with cross-functional teams to refine requirements and ensure efficient system integration.
  • Develop user-facing features using JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js, React, and server-side rendering frameworks.
  • Construct robust API endpoints, ensuring high-quality deployments in AWS or similar cloud environments.
  • Adhere to Clean Code standards, implementing tests and making performance adjustments.


  •  Bachelor's in Computer Engineering or related field and 4+ years experience
  •  Proficiency in C#, Angular, CSS3, JavaScript, PowerShell, T-SQL
  •  Familiarity with Agile, Clean Code, version control
  •  Strong knowledge of JIRA, Docker, Kubernetes, REST APIs, cloud infrastructure
  •  Experience in Salesforce Development, Python, and writing tests
  •  Excellent problem-solving skills, precision-focused, and proficient in English communication